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a small-woman-and-minority-owned (SWAM) and service-disabled-veteran-owned business ( SDVOB) certified business concentrating on foundations for successful outcomes and implementation. We develop partnership roles and trust, avoid no-win situations, winning more frequent implementation, leveraging skills, and better-used expertise.




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a former Wardensville, West Virginia, Police Chief and town councilwoman. She has also worked as an organizational emergency planner, security-program developer and manager, training director, and risk-solutions advisor. With a fortunate, dynamic, and diverse career, she has served in a variety of roles spanning emergency response, law enforcement, field training and senior instruction, and coordinator of various programs and projects in the public-and-private sectors.

Patricia began her career in the U.S. Marine Corps as a Second Lieutenant in the military police, and later served as a leader and founding member of a consulting team that bridged the training spaces between civilian law enforcement with the U.S. Marine Corps. She later served as a Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and later as a security advisor and consultant within Homeland Security. In subsequent years she has collaborated to provide training and other services to various defense industries as well as the not-for-profit sector.

Ms. Haley is a recipient of the Navy Commendation medal for her military service, and a graduate of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets with a Bachelor of Science in sociology and the Sam E. Carson leadership award. She received her Masters of Science in Organizational Development from American University in Washington, D.C., and is additionally a graduate of Command and Staff College at Marine Corps University. She holds certifications as a trainer in Rape Aggression Defense women’s self-defense, SABRE Pepper Spray, and NRA basic pistol instructor. She is a community volunteer and Mission Continues fellow.




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a range of solutions for challenges within the realm of organizational resiliency - change, continuity, policy design, program & operations management, education and capacity building, and leadership. Her experience in the public-and-private sectors for clients such as the Foreign Service Institute, Open Society Foundation, Pentagon, Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, and on behalf of various educational institutions include key roles as:

  • Assessor and subject matter expert of strategic organization, focusing on planning initiatives across all levels of corporate stakeholders that identify internal and external risks to facilities, evaluate organizational training and development procedures, create facility-to-law-enforcement outreach, and maintains risk-assessment-and-mitigation programs

  • Curriculum designer for the Department of Homeland Security’s Active Shooter Preparedness program, requiring development and facilitation of national-level workshop materials as well as collaboration with multimedia specialists and Protective Security Advisors (PSAs)

  • Administrator and instructor of large-scale (greater than 500-person) training programs for civilian, military, law enforcement, and private-sector stakeholders

  • Senior advisor for program acquisition or management pertaining to federal-and-state compliance efforts, facility management and security hardening, and the perception/understanding of infrastructure integrity

  • Program advisor and developer for non-profit organizations developing multi-sensory design solutions for adult-and-youth learning and other youth-risk programs

In addition, Patricia has managed large-scale and multi-national emergency aid and assists organizations for governments with disaster and crisis management issues. Patricia has conducted nationwide risk evaluations in the US, and developed mandatory training for public interest, guard and police officers, teachers, and students in the states of Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. She recently developed for New Jersey, Maryland, Ohio, and Pennsylvania state agencies private business security and resiliency strategies for the cannabis industry.

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Patricia facilitates concise courses for both individuals and groups on topics such as:

  • Personal travel safety and defense

  • Empowerment exercise workshops

  • Defense seminars for girls and women

She is a certified women’s self-defense instructor for lethal and non-lethal tools, and has instructed youth and adult programs for the Foreign Service Institute, various nonprofit organizations, and numerous community groups.

PWG also provides instruction for a variety of personal-defense techniques, including Women’s Self Defense (including Rape Aggression Defense), NRA Refuse to be a Victim Instruction, and NRA Concealed-Carry Permit Certification courses. For more information about personal or group instruction courses, or to arrange a course, contact 571-201-3633,, or click here.